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February 27, 2023

How to Protect Your Home When You're Away

No matter if you just secured your dream property or you’ve become a homeowner for the first time, everyone wants to keep their home protected. A protected and secure home is vital for your security. Discover the best ways to protect your home when you’re away.

Assess Your Living Space and Needs

No two dwellings are alike. Your geographic area, setting, community, and floor plan will each make an influence on how to most effectively protect your home. Security in a city will look different than protection for a rural property. A house with a fireplace could need extra safety measures for smoke and fire. If you occupy a home right by a floodplain, you must consider that threat as well.

Your home is exclusively yours, so make the effort to analyze your floor plan to best protect it.

Protect Your Home When You’re Away By Implementing Basic Precautions

One of the most effective ways to protect your home when on vacation is to create incorporate preventative safety habits. Criminals look for the weakest access point. Making a mental note to secure your windows and doors can help to prevent theft. Turning a light on when you’re gone can build the assumption of someone being inside, dissuading a criminal who might be scouting out your neighborhood. Habits like turning off the water main and unplugging the appliances in advance of a long vacation may prevent misfortune at the end of the day.

Added Measures for Additional Safety

A spare key could be a blessing if you have students returning home from school who may need to get inside the each and every afternoon. Don’t forget to put away that key prior to a trip. A key beneath the mat might prove to be an effortless discovery for someone trying to break and enter. A better answer is to invest in smart door locks, so you don’t need a key ever!

Get to know your neighbors! If they are accustomed to you and those living in your house, they are likely to observe when strange people begin popping up. When you have a close rapport, you can even request that they be attentive during your vacation. Neighbors can help guard your home when you’re away.

Always Be Present With A Security System and Home Automation

If you’re ready to raise your peace of mind to a new level, a home security system is the ideal product. While motion-indicating lights and cameras are effective instruments, a security system is able to implement glass break detectors, smoke detectors, smart lights and locks, and even flood indicators. This complete protective matrix is run by a main control console in your house. Security systems have the capacity to also be watched through around-the-clock observation by licensed professionals ready to react to any difficulty.

To obtain added convenience, attach your residential safety system to your home automation devices. Arm your locks and check your camera tape no matter your whereabouts through your smartphone. Place any devices on a plan, so they automatically turn on as you need them. Use smart speakers to power up the network and lock all points of entry once you’ve already gone to bed. You can now obtain both safety and accessibility in one bundle!

Protect Your Home When on Vacation With Secure24 Alarm Systems

If you’re geared up to have peace of mind while on vacation, purchase the top residential security system with your neighborhood ADT suppliers at Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our skilled experts can help you discover just what you need to protect your property from all possible dangers. If you’d like to find out everything we can do for you, dial (239) 317-1360 or complete the convenient form included below.