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October 09, 2023

Check Out The Features Of A High-Tech Home Security System In Fort Myers

Would you like to be able to check real-time video from outdoor cameras or secure your primary entrance from wherever you are using your cell phone? These sorts of activities are now at your fingertips due to the arrival of wireless technology and automation. Learn more about what a high-tech home security system in Fort Myers can do and see how you can enhance your property’s safety and convenience.

Tap Into Your Fort Myers System From Anywhere

One of the hallmarks of innovative, high-tech security for homes is wireless availability and control. You can access your system and its devices from any location using a home security app on your smartphone. Features like a video doorbell will not only let you observe who’s in front of your door but also speak with them via two-way audio. Need to unlock the door to provide access for a repairman? No sweat. You can quickly disengage smart locking systems from your mobile device.

Experience The Benefits Of Automation

Increased convenience, security, and even energy conservation are all a possibility when you take advantage of your home security system’s automation capabilities. Here is a sampling of the incredible things you are able to do:

  • Have your entrances lock automatically. You could even have locks engage when going to bed at night or when leaving for work.
  • Schedule your smart thermostat to change settings at specified times. You could set your thermostat to 76 degrees when your house is empty and set it to revert to the customary 72 before the kids arrive from school. This is a nice way to cut costs and lower energy usage.
  • Schedule your lights. When it appears that individuals are on site, a property is not as likely to be a target of burglars. You may program lighting to illuminate at different times and even incorporate multiple schedules so it looks more random. This is a valuable asset when your family taking a vacation.
  • Set smart tools to work in tandem. Boost safety and discourage crime by having interior lights switch on when motion is observed by outside video cameras. Additionally, you could have your front door unlock when a fire alarm is set off, helping you exit rapidly.

Boost Convenience With Vocal Directives In Fort Myers

Wireless access and home automation are incredible benefits, but you can increase convenience even more with options like vocal directives. The smart speaker your family uses every day can be bridged to components like lights and thermostats. Getting warm while cooking? Simply speak a command to decrease the temp. Too dark when you get home from the grocery? Activate lights with a simple spoken instruction.

Initiate Automation Through Geofencing

You can also have elements of your home change settings simply based on your smartphone’s whereabouts. This is achieved through GPS technology and geofencing. Basically, a virtual boundary is set up around your property at a distance you specify. You might set a radius of one or two miles. Whenever your cell phone moves into that area, you might have your thermostat automatically adjust so your living space is nice and comfortable when you arrive. You could also have lights turn on or locks disengage as you cross the virtual fence.

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